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Localized Cryotherapy

Kaasen is the world’s smallest and most technically advanced cryo stimulation device

Cryo Slimming and Toning

  • treatment time is only 2-4 minutes for up to 2 inches off waist or thighs

Cryo Facials

  • wrinkles, freckles, eye bags, collagen production

Localized Cryotherapy

  • skin disorders, scars, stretch marks

Pain Management

  • post op, trauma, sports recovery

Localized Cryotherapy: Services

Kaasen Local Cryosculpting

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Localized Cryotherapy: Video


The latest scientific data and research into CryoStimulation and Cold stress suggests…
• Causes Cryolipolysis destroying fat cells permanently which are flushed through the lymphatic system
• Increases browning of Edipose tissue which ramps up the metabolism that burns fat
• Accelerates microcirculation which supports better oxygenation of derma cells and encourages collagen production for healthier skin
• Removes dead skin to stimulate new smoother skin growth
• Causes vasoconstriction and dilation of blood vessels to flush toxins and impurities away
• Increases dopamine which boosts metabolism and energy levels
In our Clinical trial we wanted to evaluate the effect of the “Kaasen life” device by TruCryo for achieving inch loss around the waistline to reduce fat, tone and tighten skin.
SCIENCE. The KaasenLIfe, cryo Stimulation device causes thermal shock due to its ability to spray CO2 at -78C, under 50 bar pressure, cooling the targeted treatment area down to 4C rapidly.
Cryolipolysis is a term used for a treatment using cold temperatures to destroy fat cells by freezing them within the temperature range of +4 to +8 ?C.
KaasenLIfe causes Thermal Shock by rapid cooling, under pressure achieving precise, optimum conditions for the bodies immune system to respond.
Scientific studies indicate that using Cryo Stimulation induces thermal shock causing Cryolipolysis, destroying fat cells permanently which are then flushed through the lymphatic system. Targeting cold stress directly on fatty areas causes what is known as non-shivering thermogenesis which also increases browning of Edipose tissue that boosts metabolism burning off fat and staving off obesity.
METHOD. Measuring of the waist was carried out and the area accessed. The patient was then positioned comfortably, and the stomach area was exposed to treat.
The area was cleaned and dried, removing any creams or lotions if present. Patients were then sprayed Co2 for in 90 seconds blasts, using the black nozzle whilst moving steadily across the abdomen. The whole stomach and flanks were treated equally on each side.
The device display has safety features that shows you the optimum distance for spraying as not to cause tissue damage. The device also has temperature sensors which detect once thermal shock is reached and will automatically cut off the device and a blue light is shown on the skin.
Once thermal shock is achieved you can then move on to the nesxt area until the whole waist line has been sprayed with the device. Total treatments lasted around 10 minutes spraying co2 all around the waistline making sure that thermal shock is reached in all areas.
A wait for 5 minutes was observed for the body homeostasis to regain its normal temperature after the treatment
A 5 minute lymphatic massage was applied after the treatment to flush out the deceased fat cells through the lymphatic system. No other medication or modality equipment was used after KaasenLife was used. All patients stated that they had not changed their diet during the trial and had not increased their normal exercise and lifestyle routines.
The patient was asked if they feel any discomfort and all of them responded No to this question.
12 patients attended one weekly appointment and completed a course of Six treatments, once a week over 6 weeks.
RESULTS. Between December 2018 and January 2019, 12 patients were treated for using the KaasenLife device. Every patient achieved inch loss around the waist, the minimum inch loss around the waste was 2” and the maximum was 6”. Most people averaged between 1-4” loss around the waist after just the first session. The treatments were repeated once a week and further toning and inch loss was achieved over the course of five further treatments. (See Pictures) No side effects were reported. All patients reported a feeling of well-being following the procedure and felt they would recommend the KassenLife to friends and family for body sculpting.
OBSERVATION. All patients achieved inch loss after just the first treatment.
All Patients also saw a visible firming and tightening of the skin and felt invigorated post treatment.
All patients reported a feeling of well-being following the procedure and felt they would recommend the KassenLife to friends and family for body sculpting.
CONCLUSION. Kaasen life cryo stimulation is a targeted, safe, non-pharmacological/non-invasive technique. KassenLife proved that Cryo Stimulation is a very effective application for rapid inch reduction, skin toning and tightening. More studies are currently being carried out to see the long-term results of CryoSculpting. Care should be taken to also look at the patient’s diet and lifestyle which also are very important factors obviously in improving and maintaining the results. The process of using “Kaasen Life” for Fat Freezing was a simple and straight forward procedure.

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